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Tour de France creates LA COURSE for women in 2014, Bertine signs with Wiggle-Honda Pro Cycling

On July 11, 2013, Half The Road director Kathryn Bertine joined forces with Olympic & World Champion cyclists Emma Pooley and Marianne Vos, and Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington, to petition the ASO and it’s president Christian Prudhomme (Amaury Sports Organization/race director of the Tour de France) to allow women’s professional cycling teams to compete at the Tour de France.  Our goal is to have a women’s event run in conjunction with the men’s race… and we are making progress.

On July 27th 2014, the women raced La Course by Tour de France–a one-day race on the Champs-Elysees, coinciding with the final stage of the men’s Tour de France. La Course is a groundbreaking, historic race and we will be able to build on this monumental success for future events. La Course was broadcast in the United States on Universal Sports. Check out Kathryn’s on-camera interview with Universal Sports.

On July 3rd, Kathryn signed with Wiggle-Honda Pro Cycling and will get her dream of racing La Course by Tour de France, thanks to team owner/director Rochelle Gilmore.

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Wait a minute…who is Kathryn Bertine?

I am an Athlete & Activist: I am the 2013 Caribbean Champion (time trial), and pro cyclist with Wiggle-Honda. I also race for the nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. I am a 3x road and time trial national champion, and proud to help grow the sport of women’s cycling in developing nations. In the off-season, I lead bike tours/training camps for cyclists of all levels. See below!

I am a Filmmaker:   I am the writer/director of the new film HALF THE ROAD: The passion, pitfalls & power of women’s professional cycling.  Find out all about it here: and order the DVD here




I am a Journalist and Author: As former senior editor and columnist for I get to help put female athletes where they belong…in the media spotlight. In the literary world, I’m the author of two sports memoirs, ALL THE SUNDAYS YET TO COME (Little, Brown 2003) and AS GOOD AS GOLD (ESPN Books, 2010) and the forthcoming THE ROAD LESS TAKEN (Sept 2014)  Click here to order



For info on KATHRYN’S CYCLING TOURS & CAMPS: Join me in Panama, February 2015!
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Lessons from a life spent cycling

In The Road Less Taken, Kathryn Bertine takes readers through her journey of striving to become a professional cyclist in her mid-30s. Her essays explore the twists and turns on life’s unexpected roads via bicycle, but also the larger meaning of what it means to heed one’s inner compass and search for a personal true north. With her signature wit and humor Bertine’s essays travel far beyond the bike lane, resonating with anyone who has ever dared to try and turn their dreams into a reality. 

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One woman, nine sports, ten countries, and a two-year quest to make the Summer Olympics

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“Imagine George Plimpton. Except he’s got real athletic ability. And he’s a woman. And she’s taken on a challenge that makes Paper Lion look like a brisk game of Go Fish.

Meet Kathryn Bertine, elite triathlete, former professional figure skater, and starving artist. In the summer of 2006, Bertine was out of a job, a home, and a general sense of direction when ESPN staked her to a dream:  she was given two years to make the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing—by any means possible. As Good As Gold is the hilarious, heroic account of Bertine’s serial exertions in the realms of triathlon, modern pentathlon, team handball, track cycling, road cycling, rowing, open water swimming, racewalking, and—fasten your seatbelts—luge.

On her journey, the obstacles range from jet lag to jellyfish, flat tires to dating disasters, knuckle bashings to road rash. But, as time starts running out, Bertine doesn’t sweat the small stuff, only the large–like scouring the globe for a tiny nation to adopt her, and pushing her body and mind as far as it will go. Maybe all the way to China.  

Between harrowing, but laugh-out-loud episodes of triumph and humiliation, Bertine takes short “Water Breaks” to contemplate the ins-and-outs of fan mail, failure, rehydration, nasal reconstruction, and what it really means to be an athlete.

Kathryn Bertine swims, runs, and rides like a champion–and her writing is victorious; mining literary pleasures from her physical pain and her spiritual tenacity. In As Good As Gold, Bertine proves she has something more valuable than an Olympic medal. She’s got Olympic mettle. When it comes to the human heart, she takes the gold.”

(Aww, thanks ESPN. Those are nice things to say!)

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Not exactly my normal cycling kit. This is what happens when you go to a photo shoot run by non-cyclists.

Thanks so much to Aaron Goodman Photography for the ESPN photo shoot.